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Issue Themes & Deadlines
First Quarter: 10/31 Distribution Date
Topic: Leadership & Learning (9/31 Deadline)

Second Quarter: 12/18 Distribution Date
Topic: Teaching & Technology (11/20 Deadline)

Third Quarter: 2/15 Distribution Date
Topic: Achievement & Careers (1/10 Deadline)

Fourth Quarter: 5/10 Distribution Date
Topic: Money & Finance (4/15 Deadline)

Inside Each Issue
Recognition—Highlighting educators who have been recognized for excellence

Tools for Education—Interesting products and services for educators

Professional Development—Tips to help educators become more effective

Events—Activities and other happenings around our region

Everyday—How to live successful outside the school building

Technology Tips—What modern technology has to offer in the world of education

Fashion, Art, & Book Reviews—Introducing today’s best style and books for educators